About SportCheer Wales

SportCheer Wales is the working national body for cheerleading in Wales.

The National body has adopted the following vision;

To enable cheerleading across Wales from grass roots to elite level where athletes participate in a safe environment with quality coaching.

SportCheer Wales Supports the use of the SCUK age grid and IASF rules for competitive events in Wales. The most Recent version of these documents can be found HERE

The SportCheer Wales National Body

The SportCheer Wales (SCW) national body is comprised of volunteers from many cheer and dance programmes within Wales. Together they work to create a national body that can fulfill the vision for Welsh cheerleading in a supportive and effective manner. Gaining pre-recognition status in 2022, SportCheer Wales is currently working towards full sporting recognition with Sport Wales.


SportCheer Wales launched a number of membership options in 2020. Details are available on the membership page


In accordance with the Team Wales development plan, the 2023 ICU world championships will be attended by representative teams in

Senior All Girl Elite Cheer – Gymfinity Ladies of the Crown

Senior Team Freestyle Pom – RSD Leading Ladies

Senior Team Jazz – RSD Leading Ladies

Youth Team Jazz – Steele Studio Platinum

Team Wales Advanced Adaptive Abilities Cheer will be represented by a unified team in order to go an defend their Gold medal win in 2022.

Tryouts for the 2024 unified teams will be held in summer 2023. Details of these are coming soon.

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Recognised member of the International Cheer Union

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